Well I have finally started to put the new site together and during the next few months I'll add content to the various sections. We have also moved our forum to its new location, please visit our updated community. Zebra Finch Forum.


This year we will be sponsoring the Zebra Finch society club show. To generate funds to assist with this sponsorship we have commision a small number of ZFF keyrings. Please follow this link to find out more...

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Zebra Finch Forum UK was born from an Idea that I had for a number of years. The original concept came from the first site I developed called This was my first site and was developed and uploaded to the internet back in 2006.

Because of the interest that the original site gained, I felt the need to expand things a little and so one Christmas three years ago, I started to look at putting together a message board so that like-minded people with the same interest could discuss and share their experience’s of breeding and keeping Zebra Finches.

Today the site grows day by day, seeing avian enthusiast coming together from all walks of life from around the globe, from people who just keep the odd pair as pet’s right up to top champions and world class breeders.

Please follow the link below to view or maybe join the forum.

Please follow the link to go to our forum:

Zebra Finch Forum